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  1. Skimmer 15 L Panel Protect de montaje exterior

    Skimmer 15 L Panel Protect de montaje exterior

    Range of skimmers fot Moonpool panels (polymer) and Skypool panels (steel), wich, thanks to their design and special assembly protect the panel from direct contact with the water. Their desing allows perfect align-ment with the liner in panels between 2 and 18 mm thick. If used with panels of other thickness they will not fit perfectly.
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  2. Conjunto antisucción + tapa anti-vortex

    Conjunto antisucción + tapa anti-vortex

    Combined of main drain (plastic grille) & anti-vortex lid
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  3. Boquilla aspiración pisc prefab/liner

    Boquilla aspiración pisc prefab/liner

    Son de diámetro exterior menor que las actuales para conseguir una mayor adaptación en paredes curvadas.
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